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Palliative Care

We help you rehabilitate after a stroke, disease, or any type of surgery.

Hospice Services

We will be there to increase your level of comfort.

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  • Keeps patients out of the hospital and emergent care
  • Offers the highest level of at-home palliative and hospice care, enhancing your reputation
  • Offers outcome – based care
  • Serves as the eyes and ears of the physician to better monitor each patient’s condition
  • Experience Case Management

Referral Source Overview

Our referral process makes it easy to offer your patients at-home palliative and hospice care. We are a partner in the continuum of care for hospitals and for physicians. You can refer your patients through our Service Coordinator or electronically. Ultimately, we make the process as easy as possible so you can spend more time with your patients and less time with paperwork. Our philosophy places our patients at the center of our care. Their individual needs guide our customized treatment plan. At AMHA, we make every effort to match each patient’s needs with the right clinician’s skills to achieve the best results.

If you have a patient who could benefit from at-home palliative and hospice care, please contact us today. To help you connect with us easily, we have provided several ways to connect your patients with an AMHA care team:

You can fax patient demographics and order to us with the pertinent information to fax: 480-385-6785.

You can contact an AMHA by phone at 480-359-3998.

You can talk with Case Manager by providing us with your contact information so we can reach out to you proactively.

Thanks for your interest in health care at home for your patients. Our at-home palliative and hospice care specialists would be happy to meet you about working with your practice to deliver health care services to your qualifying patients’ homes. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide exceptional quality healthcare for our patients in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. We manage our employees in an ethical, respectful and professional manner. We help our patients live safely and comfortably in the place they know best, by doing what we do best.

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Insurance Accepted

American Medical Homecare Alliance accepts many private payers insurance and continues to add new payers for our patients’ needs. We will update this page soon with a list of insurances accepted.