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The owners of AMHA know how overwhelming the responsibility of suddenly having to care for a family member can be from personal experience. Compelled by a need to find care that was more – more dependable, more supportive, more complete – we founded American Medical Homecare Alliance as a family business in 2012 to provide the full continuum of care.

At-home palliative and hospice care agencies are highly attuned to patients’ need for palliative care, and often provide palliative care for patients who are ineligible for hospice or have chosen not to enroll in it too early in using their benefits until it’s truly needed. Since our agency is able to utilize at-home palliative and hospice care benefits through our licensing, we have improved patient satisfaction, better utilization of services, and significant cost savings for our patients. The ability of at-home palliative and hospice approach to care management is patient-centered and focused on quality of life. Proper case management goals to alleviate unnecessary pain and suffering for patients while they concurrently keep in mind quality of life.

We hope to accomplish complete honest advocacy to the patients we serve in our community to bring awareness to patients health status, particularly as it relates to choices and decisions connected to the progression and management of patient care. What we find is prevalent in the growing population of patients with advanced illness is the lack of awareness to their health status and education of choices to their care. Lack of coordinated care through various health channels, resulting in substandard symptom management thus increase in hospital visits.

Imagine if we were able to be the new standard of care by eliminating the disconnection between at-home palliative or hospice by our agency being able to provide you with the continuum of care of both at-home palliative and hospice. Why would patients ever choose a hospice agency that can’t provide both ever again? Why would referral sources ever chose only at-home palliative or hospice ever again? AMHA would be acknowledged for our exemplary care for patients, families, and other providers for working with its partner to meet the increasing needs of the community, and for advancing end of life care and education. AMHA will be known as a strong organization financially and for having a culture that combines high standards of professionalism with deep compassion. This is the future we look forward to fulfill.

We can provide every service available at a nursing facility in the comfort of your loved one’s home. Our care is defined by our clinical expertise and the compassion we deliver every day. We are committed to continually raising the bar in at-home palliative and hospice care by setting new industry standards for quality care and personalized service. We are innovative and “out of the box” thinkers of care so that you or your loved ones have a plan of care that is tailored to your individual needs.

Our experienced staff looks forward to putting together a treatment plan with you whether it be at-home palliative and hospice care or placement in an assisted living that’s right for you. Call us today for a free consultation at 480-359-3998.

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Our goal is to provide exceptional quality healthcare for our patients in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. We manage our employees in an ethical, respectful and professional manner. We help our patients live safely and comfortably in the place they know best, by doing what we do best.

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Insurance Accepted

American Medical Homecare Alliance accepts many private payers insurance and continues to add new payers for our patients’ needs. We will update this page soon with a list of insurances accepted.